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How to use Sweet selfie

November 9, 2018

Get you Application Sweet selfie camera is a complete application that currently offers a number of interesting options so that you know perfectly everything with respect to an application that has become of the best alternatives for those looking to take a Photo selfie in a matter of seconds Note that is currently among the most downloaded of the moment and thanks to this, is that I must tell you that we have many tools that can complement the best with respect to a performance to look incredible during use this type of photos. Today know about How to use Sweet selfie camera towards an excellent choice who arrived for you.

How to get Seet selfie for Android and Iphone

As achieve download sweet selfie 2018 for Android?

Sweet selfie camera can be easily downloaded from the version of Android 4.0 as well as subsequent updates, it is necessary to have in mind that we find so interesting alternatives that you can get directly from Google Play.

Once you have in this store, you will have to press will be the install button and after doing this is that you will add your user data, because you will have to register your account, or link it to social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Currently we have a very full version at the time of using this camera for Android will be functional without any kind of problems.

Once you downloaded and installed this application what you need to do is add your data of the user as well as the password, this does have a simpler form for downloading and publication of photos without any kind of problems. The version of Sweet selfie for Android, is of them more complete that going to find you so can make them editions that have so is convert in an of them best options to go editing without any class of problems. Taking into account that at the time of opening the application, appears an ideal way to make the best choices of editions of photos for Android.

[Boton url=’’ title=’Installing Sweet Selfie’]Installing Sweet Selfie[/Boton]

How to download Sweet Selfie for iPhone in App Store?

In this case you will have to download it from App store and once you did is that you will have to perform the download, data authorization process and subsequently do this, is that you have to continue with the installation process. Since you have it you have to open it and add your Facebook or Instagram account data.

When adding this data, you may continue with the normal operation of this application, the first thing you need to do is take a picture of you and in doing so, is that you will find an excellent choice so that you keep doing the best catches with each of your favorite selfies.

Sweet Selfie 2018
Sweet Selfie 2018

What new features brings the App Sweet Selfie 2018?

Last Version Sweet Selfie Candy New Name is an app that we can define as a photo editor, but it goes beyond that, because it is specialized on selfies. Its purpose is to facilitate making selfie-like photos and improve them with numbers of tools that are include on it.

This app counts with many tools to improve your images.

Real time tools: enhance your photos before doing them with mirror filters, filtergrid, emoticons, frames, etc.

Improve your skin: Perfect your images before sharing them on social networks:

  1. Give your skin a different tone if it is too whitish.
  2. Eliminate spots and freckles.
  3. Sharpen your eyebrows.
  4. Eliminate red eyes.

Version Information of Sweet Selfie App


Last version Sweet Selfie

Editing Tools: use your photo studio that is added on the app with all the options the best programs. Bright adjustments and contrast, rectifying saturation, and color temperature, improves resolution, cut and rotate, make mosaics, improve focus by defining edges and blurring zones, etc.

Filters for the last touches: give the last touch to your photos with HDR filters, vintage, black and white, and multiple textures.

And finally, share your last pic, practically perfect directly on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, VK, LINE, KAKAO, WeChat, and many more.

Description Camera Sweet Selfie

Take a picture with the easiest, more comfortable, and more beauty too! Real time filter that needs a later correction 30+ emotional and unique. A marvelous skin, specifically for selfish people.

Easy and convenient edition. Adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, resolution, cut, rotate, mosaic, loin effect, out of focus.

Decorate photos from your own story. Add sensibility to your photos with light effect, around 100 different frame types to make your pic fashionable! My unique photo with a variety of stickers with a design concept.

Unique features

  • A cam especially designed for Selfie
  • Exactly real-time filters
  • Mirror filters to real-time
  • Filter grid in real time
  • Stylish and Fashion
  • Real Time fence filter
  • Funny and Special
  • Easy and save time
  • Emoticons grid photos
  • New tendency on Facebook
  • A self-improvement touch
  • Improve selfies: Whitening, stain removal, eyebrows and red-eye adjustment
  • Unique stickers and frames
  • Color splash
  • Sharpen edges and add blur effects
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation.
  • Cut and rotate
  • Share your photos instantly

Moreover, if you are looking for a photograph software that allows you to edit images and selfies in the way you wish to do it. Sweet Selfie is perfect for you!

However, if you feel passion for photography and you consider yourself as an artistic photographer, this editing image software is very simple and easy to use with camera filter that will turn in your favorite free image editor.

Download Sweet Selfie

You can go directly to your Google Play Store from your Android mobile phone, or just browse it on the internet and finally start to download one of the best app for selfies and photo edition for free. In conclusion, you can discover new things on it without missing any single thing, apart from sharing it on all your social network!