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Install Sweet Selfie App

March 5, 2017

Install Sweet selfie app

If you install Sweet Selfie app, you will have a perfect selfie. We can say that the world is divided between people who always look great on selfies, also there’s people who never get them. But now, we finally have a way to improve a bit of our appearance on those selfies thanks to Sweet Selfie app.
This app for Android allows you to correct imperfections. Also adding filters for the final result of your selfies will be better than you would never imagine.

How to Install Sweet Selfie app?

• Go to Android Play Store. Search for Sweet Selfie app.
• Then, read the review. Also read the capacity that this app will occupy on your smartphone.
• Finally click on the download button. Wait until the app is installed on your phone and that is it.
• You can start using and enjoying your pics with frames and filters.

Continue to find out more about what Sweet Selfie offered to you in the official Google Play website.
It is a totally free application. It can be installed on a huge number of Android Smartphones and Tablets models.

Install Sweet selfie app
Install Sweet selfie app

Correcting imperfections

Sweet Selfie counts with interesting tools that allows you to delete your photos the spots on the skin, imperfections and pimples apart from whitening your teeth if you need it. All without going to the expensive and feared dentist. You can also correct red eyes that appear when we someone use the flash of the camera. Adjust your eyebrows for the appearance and your look will be perfect.
In addition, you can adjust the brightness, color temperature and the exposure as well. To solve not only the aesthetic defects, but also errors when taking the photo.
The app counts with its own selfie cam function in a way that you do not have to open it. Because it is already pre-installed in your Android mobile for taking the photo. Everything is very simple, the results obtained can be awesome!

Frames and stickers on Sweet Selfie

Apart from counting with filters for you to look perfect on each selfie, this app also has options that allows you to make your photos more fun.
Sweet Selfie has a large number of frames and stickers. So you can give the opportunity to choose the one you like for your photos. At the moment you are willing to share the results on the social media, you will simply click the bottom from the app and you will get in just a few seconds.

Use incredible filters and effects

At the moment to go deeper a bit on the Sweet Selfie features we can find an app whose intuitive interface will allow us to deeply explore a wide selection of effects to add to our images.
The curious thing about these effects is that the same can be applied on real time. Without the need to take photos previously and get access to an edition software later. Thanks to this we can find out the possible results before taking every single photo. In which we are going to spend great moments without any doubt.